Waxes and Wanes


I'm a person. I happen to be a person who writes music, and plays music, but mostly I'm just a person. Wayne Shorter likes to say "Your humanity is your instrument," so in that interest I like to write music that relates to my humanity. Music that relates to my thoughts, interests, moods, and emotions, music that relates to the things I see and hear and experience on a day to day basis, music that relates to the art that moves me, music that relates to the people I love and admire, and music that relates to things and events that I might only have encountered once, but which left a lasting impression regardless. With that in mind, I can't always imagine how my music will be perceived by others, but I feel strongly enough about it to want to share, to want people to listen to and enjoy the music that I've spent time and effort and passion crafting. I hope that you enjoy this, my first and currently only album under my own name.


Man's Mark

Evergreens and moss tinged stone, patterned lawns and sad longing.
Mourners morning, noon, and night decry the bleak, extinguished light
of a life burned through.

In final rest, unending sleep, Man’s imprint stands,
the better to keep a mark upon the world.

Ages hence a name recalls, distraught, low walls and unturned stone;
legacy passed and work unknown.
Worked stone, worked land, worked metal, wrought by Man.
A mark upon the world.

In final rest, unending sleep, Man’s imprint stands,
the better to keep a mark upon the world.

Fragile Heart of Clay

Fragile heart of clay, each day cracks appear in the glaze.
Like sea-glass pitted and dulled with age,
a precious bird in a sandstone cage.
A lifeless rose, sprinkled with dew, that beats in vain--
longing for you.
Why can’t you see my clay heart on my sleeve?

Endless spinning wheel, no potter's hands can remake how I feel.
Your careless smile, your gentle wave, an empty hope is saved.
Somber dreams of love, lifeless gleams of a love-lush world above.
My aching soul I’ll bear in full,
these fruitless dreams that I yet dream of you.